5 Step Process

STEP 4: Training & Mentoring


Staff development and training is critical to any successful cost reduction implementation and is generally required at all level of an organisation. People & management costs are best address through customised training, mentoring and coaching intitatives that target specific issues within an organisation. Some the areas we focus on include: Sales and business development training [...]

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STEP 3: Strategy Development


Profit maximisation can only come about through a well researched and documented strategy. Many companies make the mistake of reducing costs without creating a sustainable plan, and later regret many cost reduction decisions. After completing our review process, we spend time on your overall strategy: Clear, practical and easy to implement strategy Purpose and objectives of [...]

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STEP 2: Operational Review


After our initial audit we will have broadly identified various area where profit can be maximised and costs reduced. The next step will be to drill down and examine current systems, practices, procedures as well as team dynamics and marketing frameworks. This involves: Formal interviews with key management Interviews with purchasing / buying personnel Interviews [...]

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STEP 1: 360° Analysis & Audit


This is the most preliminary consultation, where we’ll speak with members of your senior management team to find out some details regarding your business. We’ll also go over the basics of profit maximisation (so you understand what it really is) and share some of our experiences. This is an informal meeting where we’ll discuss: The [...]

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