fintech opportunities

Scale Capital are experts in building high-quality blockchain solutions around fintech …


With over 1,500 cryptocurrencies live today, Scale Capital is enabling businesses to cash in on the opportunity of owning their own cryptocurrency exchange platform and wallet. If you’re seeking a professional solution on how to create an exchange website or wallet, we can help.

With a skilled team of crypto developers we not just direct you on how to start an exchange business but also serve as your reliable technical partner to help you along the way. Our emphasis lies on providing you with the most secure, scalable and user-friendly cryptocurrency applications.


Asset tokenization through use of blockchain technology can effectively reduce information asymmetry, decrease the friction to trade and democratize trading system in general, ridding the market from vast bureaucracy and red tape. Tokenization stands to bring opportunities for growth and diversification to the asset market.

Many of these derive from blockchain technologies democratizing asset ownership and replacing expensive intermediaries. We are currently building solutions in this space – contact us for more details.

Crypto & ICO

ICOs present a high level of risk to both organisers and investors. The large sums of cryptocurrencies raised during ICOs are an attractive target for attackers. Sensitive data collected during KYC processes adds additional risk that may deter potential investors from participating.

With years of experience in security, we provide a turnkey ICO security solution that strengthens the security posture of systems used in ICOs. The solution addresses many of the threats posed during a typical token sale.