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Growth Mindset

To facilitate real change, successful entrepreneurs and leaders understand that all change and outcomes are dependant upon mindset. Many people in life and business ignore this truth, the seek to push-forward, hustle without first addressing latent blockages from their past, which create fear and resistance.  At Scale, our focus is holistic, not simply business outcomes, but also methods for cultivating more fun, more peace, more self-awareness amidst everyday pursuits.


After mindset, strategy is the most critical element for any business or new venture. Too often it’s neglected or confused with simply being a mission, goals or vision statement. In actuality, strategy sits atop all these, providing a clear, definitive roadmap, along with guiding principles, that define business actions and how resources (people, technology, capital) should be prioritised, allocated and leveraged for optimal outcomes. A solid strategy is a must for any successful business.

Branding & Marketing

Most entrepreneurs confuse marketing with branding. Marketing is simply a message you wish to communicate with a targeted audience, in exchange for sales and leads. Whilst, branding is more holistic, it represents the purpose, the vision, the drive of your business; ultimately this creates the most value long-term. We help leaders and entrepreneurs reenergise their brands, realign it with their core value, to help traditional / digital marketing efforts be more effective and profitable.

Market Analysis

Entrepreneurs are full of ideas, however, not all of them make good business sense. Many over-capitalise their time and financial resources on developing products / services, without consideration of market conditions, and a clear identification of industry and consumer needs. We can help with professional market research, competitor analysis to help your business / venture avoid pitfalls and challenges before they arise.

Cost Management

Sound financial management is required for businesses to effectively manage costs and utilise resources most efficiently. Scale will complete an entire audit of your spending and recommend area where costs (and output) can be optimised. Our focus isn’t spending freezes / layoffs, or finding the cheapest vendor, rather it’s understanding the dynamic nature of markets, customers, competitors, operations and costs.

Capital Raising / Exit Strategy

Preparing your business for exit requires careful planning and preparation, to generate the greatest value. We help business owners tackle issues relating to mergers and acquisition and succession, by presenting multiple options and pathways create a successful exit. We’ll help structure your sale in a manner that offers the maximum return for the selling party, and a desirable, high value opportunity for a strategic acquirer.

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