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entrepreneur program

Scale, together with a team of Australia’s leading business minds, have created a series of mentoring programs specifically for entrepreneurs, tailored specifically to your business or new enterprise …

ScaleUp! is a 6-Part Mentoring Program

To facilitate real change, entrepreneurs and leaders don’t need days filled with action plans; they need to develop a growth mindset, adhere to their core values, and seek to make a difference. Our program offers a holistic approach, that not only focuses on business outcomes, but also methods for cultivating more fun, more peace amidst everyday business challenges, offering leaders a deeper sense of self-awareness, that leads to focused results.


Entrepreneurs are full of ideas, almost constant – however, not all of them make good business sense. We can help by lending a fresh perspective to your concept, help you refine things, and make you aware of what lies ahead. We can also help with structuring a strategy around maximising your valuation from the outset, as well as direction for team building, marketing & positioning, and also provide guidance on capital raising options.


Operations fall into 2 major categories, that are often neglected by businesses – people and technology. From the outset, we can help you identify the relative strengths and weaknesses in your current team / management, then help you optimise their unique skill-sets for growth. We concurrently evaluate your technology systems and process, to create greater efficiencies, if we required we can also explore offshoring options.


Sound financial management requires the ability to effectively manage costs and utilise resources most efficiently. We’ll complete an entire audit of your spending and recommend area where cost can be maximised. If debt, liquidity and collections are also issues, we can advise in this regard. Finally, if you require funding for growth and capital expansion, we have a range of options, in including finance via our investor network.

& Branding

Most entrepreneurs confuse marketing with branding. Marketing is simply a message you wish to communicate with a targeted audience, in exchange for sales and leads. Whilst, branding is more holistic, it represents the purpose, the vision, the drive of your business – and it creates the most value. We help leaders and entrepreneurs reenergise their brands, realign it with their core value, to help marketing efforts be more effective.


Preparing your business for exit requires careful planning and preparation, we can help by help business owners tackle issues relating to mergers and acquisition, and succession. We’ll present multiple options and pathways create a successful exit, and help you structure your sale in a manner that offers the maximum return for the selling party, and a desirable, high value opportunity for a strategic acquirer.